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The main characteristics of the server
Game version: Season 3 Custom
Rate for regular experience: x10 HARD
Drop rate: 30%
Max Level: 400
Maximum reset: 20
Stats per level: 5/7
Reset stats:

Dark Knight - 750 points
Dark Wizard - 750 points
Fairy Elf - 750 points
Dark Lord - 850 points
Magic Gladiator 
- 850 points
Creating classes:

Magic Gladiator - 100 lvl
Dark Lord - 150 lvl
Stats limit per stat: 32000
Guild creation level: 250
Max qty. Guild Players: 20
Max qty. Guild alliance: 3
Elf assistant before: 5 resets

Elf Buffer Max Level 250    
MU Helper activation level: 1
Max account from one IP: 2

Features of the game:
Good protection Anti-hack 
A minimum of donations at the start. (VIP account is disabled at the start !!!)
Items with full options in a playable way.
New maps for the 6th seasons.
Interesting game events will not let you get bored.
New sets of things.
New Ancient sets, all 5-piece sets Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
New game panel with sections - Event Time, Command, Jewel Bank.
Support for right mouse click to move items.
Five additional chests.
Spot mapping on Minimap.
Supports Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.
Support for PVP options on all things.
OffExp - AFK system, offline pumping.
Game quest system of 100 tasks.
Game Economy Hardcore.
PVP / PVE balance for all characters
Administration support 12/7

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